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Grotto Ticinese au Restaurant La Casetta

Grotto Ticinese au Restaurant La Casetta

03 novembre 2021

We look forward to welcoming you to our Restaurant La Casetta directly by the lake for a Fondue Chinoise on Wednesdays during the winter months. The tasty Swiss broth fondue, with your choice of beef, veal, chicken or even giant prawns, is the ideal dish for a cosy winter evening with a select group of people.

External guests pay CHF 100 per person. Hotel guests receive a credit of CHF 80. 

Dates in November

  • Wednesday, 3/ 10/ 17/ 24 November 2021

Dates in December

  • Wednesday, 1/ 8/ 15/ 22/ 29 December 2021

Dates in January

  • Wednesday, 5/ 12/ 19/ 26 January 2022

Dates in February

  • Wednesday, 2/ 9/ 16/ 23 February 2022

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