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A historic lunch at our restaurant La Casetta

A historic lunch at our restaurant La Casetta

27 September 2021

Not many people know that our Restaurant La Casetta was the scene of one of the most important secret meetings in the final phase of World War II. On 18 and 19 March 1945, the parties met here in absolute anonymity to discuss the early surrender of the German armed forces. It was not an easy meeting because there was so much at stake for everyone, but it resulted in a number of decisive effects that made it possible to shorten World War II. On 7 June and 27 September 2021, the Hotel Eden Roc is holding a lunchtime event to celebrate these important negotiations during which historian Raphael Rues will be focussing in detail on the history of this meeting in the “Casetta” and, thanks to some unpublished archival documents, providing additional fascinating details about the dynamics of this historic event.

The individual courses of the lunch will be accompanied by the following topics:

Beginning at 11.45 Aperitif at your table: Welcome from historian Raphael Rues and Hotel Director Simon Spiller. Brief orientation in the historical context of the events of the years 1943-1944.

Starter: Details of the war situation in autumn 1944 and the role of Swiss mediation as part of Operation Sunrise.

Main course: The dynamism of the events before Ascona and the arrival of the protagonists and the meetings in Ascona (Monte Verità and La Casetta).

Dessert: The turbulent weeks after the meeting in Ascona and the delayed capitulation of the German army in Italy.

3 pm rounding off: What became of the participants after the war: scandals and conspiracies. The event will end at around 3 o’clock.

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