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4-Hands Dinner with guest chef Pascal Steffen

4-Hands Dinner with guest chef Pascal Steffen

08 August 2021

Lucerne guest chef Pascal Steffen remains down-to-earth despite the award. GaultMillau decided he was the discovery of the year in 2019 with his 17 GaultMillau points and one Michelin star. Fish and meat are side dishes for him, but they do not play only a minor role. He redefines luxury culinary products. “Albula mountain potatoes, for example! I only get a certain amount of them. I can have as much caviar as I want.”

From 7.00 pm.

Guests with half board pay CHF 115. Guests without half board or external guests pay CHF 195.

Are you interested in the menu? Here you will have a glimpse at the vegetarian menu and on the regular one.

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