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Locarno Film Festival

Locarno Film Festival

05 - 15 August 2020

The Locarno Film Festival is one of the oldest film festivals in the world, along with film festivals in Venice, Cannes, Moscow and Karlovy Vary. The open-air performance on the Piazza Grande has always been particularly well-known and popular. In times of a new reality, it is, therefore, good news that the festival has not been cancelled. The organisers have made the best out of the crisis and are taking innovative leaps into the digital future, which otherwise would have taken several years.

The majority of films will be shown digitally, although some films will still be screened in cinemas in Locarno. Under the motto For the Future of Films, the festival supports independent film productions that had to be stopped due to the Corona crisis. The international jury evaluates the individual film projects and the prize money will contribute to the continuation of the film production. From 5 to 15 August 2020, the Locarno Film Festival will take place in its new form. The program for the online screenings and for the events in Locarno can be found here.

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