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4-Hands Dinner with Anna Stocker & Victoria Lund

4-Hands Dinner with Anna Stocker & Victoria Lund

28 May 2022

From 19.00
Restaurant La Brezza

4 Hands Dinner 2022
Culinary adventure in Ticino.

From May to September, the Hotel Eden Roc is transformed into a culinary stage. The main protagonist? Creative dishes that surprise and inspire. In 2022, host Marco Campanella again invites you to the 4 Hands Dinners. Together with top-class guest chefs and up-and-coming kitchen stars, he creates unique menus that send your palate on a journey. The different styles, philosophies and approaches are naturally omnipresent and flow into the creations. This year, there will be a special focus on plant-based ingredients, in line with our Moving Mountains concept. Experience culinary art at the highest level and gain interesting insights into the world of modern culinary art.

Anna Stocker & Victoria Lund

"With cabbage and turnips" is the name of their blog. And the name says it all: the two young cooks are particularly fascinated by the world of plants and enjoy letting off steam in this colourful, flavourful and textural diversity. Instead of feeling restricted, they see plant-based cuisine as an opportunity to break down well-worn patterns and thus discover new taste experiences. With success! Anna Stocker won the National Youth Competition of the German Chefs' Association in 2019, Victoria Lund qualified for the 2020 final, which was not held due to prevailing circumstances.

Guests with half board pay CHF 115, guests without half board or external guests pay CHF 195.

Curious? Here you find the regular menu as well as the vegetarian one

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