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We are here for you again

We are here for you again

A new experience of freedom

After having to give up our freedom in an unprecedented way over recent weeks and months, we have all become aware of just how essential the feeling of freedom is. Although we may have taken it for granted in the past, today we see it in a completely different light.

With your help, we are now taking the step towards coming together again and enjoying life with all our senses. Achieving this will require the prescribed distance, adequate space, genuine concern, and personal trust. To ensure that you always feel safe with us and can enjoy your time without worries, we have taken various measures to ensure your safety.

In the Hotel Eden Roc, you will have the Garden Eden on 10,000 m2 with direct access to Lake Maggiore almost to yourself. The spa and lounge areas are available for personal use and relaxing treatments. With single rooms from 30 m2 and suites up 110 m2, you will experience a generous sense of freedom.

We are delighted to assist you with requests and bookings by telephone on +41 91 785 71 71 or via e-mail [email protected] every day.