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Exclusive Exhibition: The Flowers of Ignaz Epper

Exclusive Exhibition: The Flowers of Ignaz Epper

23 April - 31 August 2022
Fridays to Mondays from 12.00 to 16.00 
Visits can be arranged by telephone on 091 785 71 71
Free admission

'The Flowers of Ignaz Epper' is a surprising and previously unpublished collection by the artist born in St Gallen in 1892. The exhibition is presented in the Casa Epper in Ascona (Via Albarelle 14) and thus at a very important place in the life of the Swiss expressionist.

In fact, it marks the return of Ignaz Epper's work to a space he lived intensely and to his magical garden, where he produced most of his work in the Ascona years, in the same space that then housed the Epper Museum from 1980 and for forty years.

The cosy and intimate atmosphere of the Epper residence has been preserved with care and respect after its renovation, which has been able to bring value to the works preserved there.

With the opening of Casa Epper for a new life, it is also intended to be a place for cultural encounters, giving local artists the opportunity to communicate with this great master while keeping alive his work and the space rich in artistic history.

For the opening at the end of April, the Ticino artist Maddalena Mora specially created sculptural works creating a playful dialogue with Ignaz Epper's floral paintings.

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