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Yoga in the Valle Verzasca

Of all the majestic valleys of Ticino, the Valle Verzasca (which is under conservation) is one of the loveliest in my eyes. It is possible to walk through woods and villages from one end of the valley to the other on the 'Sentierone' trail.

I start out by driving to Lavertezzo, where the Verzasca River flows beneath the picturesque double-arched bridge of Ponte dei Salti. A bus then takes you to Sonogno, a village known to many from their youth: in 'Die schwarzen Brüder', the well-known book for children and adolescents by Lisa Tetzner, the plot begins and ends in Sonogno. From here the path leads up to the Froda waterfall, an oasis of tranquillity that is ideal for yoga exercises, meditation or simply a few breathing routines. The 'Sentierone' trail then winds down through several miles of gorgeous countryside.

Where: Valle Verzasca
Getting there: Car to Lavertezzo, then bus to Sonogno.
Time needed: Day trip 

Special info: The well-known Verzasca dam is situated on the Lago di Vogorno reservoir at the entrance to the valley. This is the place where James Bond jumped 220 metres on a bungee rope: the '007 Bungee Jump' takes exactly 7.5 seconds.

Tip: Bathe in the magical light green waters of the Verzasca River: a more romantic spot for a dip would be hard to find. 

Jutta Hosser, Spa Manager