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My Grotti

Without doubt, any stay in Ticino has to include visits to a couple of grottos. Cheese and meat specialities from the local region, freshly made polenta, savoury risotto, tender braised brasato, home-made cakes and many other delicacies are served in earthy surroundings. 

Grottos tend to be found in idyllic locations, use mainly regional produce and cook in a simple way. I will gladly share some of my favourite places with you, and look forward to hearing what you think of them. Come to think of it, I would prefer to accompany you there myself…

Grotto Pozzasc, Peccia, Valle Maggia: My personal number one
A unique mill, polenta with ragout prepared on an open fire daily

Grotto Descanso, Gandria: My romantic tip
Wonderfully tranquil location, only accessible by water

Grotto Canvett, Semione: My culinary tip
Traditional dishes, most of which are prepared using organic produce from the Blenio Valley

Grotto America, Ponte Brolla
Historic eatery dating back to a family of Ticino emigrants in the mid-19th century; also has a stage and a space for artists

Grotto La Ginestra, Ronco s/Ascona
Breathtaking views over Lake Maggiore, delicious game and mushroom dishes

Grotto Borei, Brissago
Family-run 'corner of paradise' overlooking the castles of Bellinzona

Roberto Bonfardeci, Chef Concièrge

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