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Excursion to Giumaglio Waterfall

I most enjoy spending time in the great outdoors with my wife and our son. We have discovered a particularly beautiful spot near Giumaglio Waterfall. I have never seen such clear water!

Giumaglio can be reached in 20 minutes by car from Ascona or – for those who prefer a more authentic approach – on one of our hotel’s own Vespas. Those who want to get some exercise have the option of cycling there on either a conventional bicycle or an e-bike before cooling off with a refreshing swim in the basin of the waterfall.

Where: Giumaglio
Can be reached by: Car, Vespa, e-bike
Time required: Two to three hours
Please note: Make sure you take your swimwear with you. The crystal-clear water is wonderfully refreshing.

Tip: The small village of Giumaglio is also worth visiting together with the waterfall. The best bread in the Maggia Valley is baked there in the village oven which is probably hundreds of years old.

Simon Spiller, Manager of the Hotel Eden Roc

Tschuggen Hotel Group